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The audio tracks are mostly quite short, so you can play these, or open up the notes and just read through the material if that suits you better.

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Welcome to Adrian's WHS clinic

You can use as much of this page as you like, but please do play or read the blocks in order! I really don't care whether you listen to the audio, or just read the notes - whatever works best for you!

And you really can skip Step-3 as long as you remember that it's your Course Handicap that you write on the card!

Step1 - some things to forget

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Buffer zone - no longer applies, gross score is all there is to worry about.

All that stuff about moving up by 0.1 or down by 0.3 is out of the window

Categories of golfer - we are all just golfers now!

Supplementary scores - all rounds anywhere in the world (played to the Rules of Golf) can count for handicap

Oh, just to be clear, the Rules of Golf haven't changed at all!

Steps 2 and 3 - the only new stuff you may need to know

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You have a Handicap Index and a Course Handicap to keep track of

Handicap Index is your personal portable handicap

Course Handicap is what you play to on any course in the world and is what you write on your card on match days (careful, getting this wrong should be a DQ) Every club posts a conversion chart or you can use the England Golf app 'My EG' for any course. Ampleforth is fairly easy so my 15.0 index gives me 17 shots here. In general, tougher courses will give you more shots, so at Ganton (yellow tees) I would be off 18. but only 16 off yellows at Heworth (it may be different off different tees, of course).

Note that in matches you always use the rounded Course Handicap to get the shots taken.

To post a scoring card either enter any comp as normal or mark your card in advance 'For handicap' and note and initial the start time. You will have to observe the Rules of Golf tho - so no knocking away short putts or searching for more than 3 minutes! This should all work through 'My EG' quite soon, so I won't need to see the cards at all, except for competition days.

Holes not played - if you NR a hole you get credited with a nett double bogey (Sbf 0). This might be very unfair if you had to walk in cos it got dark or a wasp flew out of the bell and stung your hand (it has happened). Now you can mark your card as 'Not Played' from the 11th onwards and from the 14th home it will credit you with a nett par for handicapping. So please note clearly if you had to walk in for a good reason (not just that you hate the 18th) as Not Played on the card.

Step-3: How the computer works it all out

Handicap index gets adjusted every time you post a scoring card It is the average of the adjusted gross difference from the best 8 of your last 20 rounds
Clear as mud? Here is an example ...

Say you post an 82 gross at Gilling .... we have a Scratch score of 66.9 and a slope of 126 so ... 82-66.9 would be 15.1 × 113/126 gives 13.542 which is what shows on you record unless ... it was a really rotten day when the Playing Conditions Calculation might nudge the scratch like the old CSS did.
Simples. That 13.542 will be your most recent adjusted gross difference, and the oldest one will drop off the record. If it turns out to be one of your best 8 scores it will be used to calculate a new average and your handicap will change.

Next little heads-up - the PCC is worked out from the average of all the scoring cards posted on the day, not just the comp. so ... the system can't work it out until all the cards are posted, which means none of the clever stuff can happen til next morning.

Which means that we can post the result of the comp straight away but you will have to wait a day to see your new Handicap Index.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this, please email me and I will get back to you with the answer, and start an FAQ section at the bottom of the page to log the things that have puzzled us, and what the answers are!

Other resources posted by England Golf

You can browse around the England Golf website which has a lot more on how this will work.

Registering with the England Golf Website and App

We have uploaded email/DOB data to England Golf, so if you have given us these details, you can now sign up at My Account for your personal WHS page on their site. You will need your Member No (see the WHS handicap listing) to register.

Enter your number and wait for an email with a confirmation number to type into the next field. Paste this in and update your password (8 chars at least 1 uppercase char and a number). This will show you a chart of your last 20 qualifying scores and the best 8 that determine your handicap. Once registered, you can download the My EG app from the Apple shop or Google Play and use the same email and password to register it on your phone. It is hoped to allow score entry on other courses by June this year.