Welcome to new Members

Members and their guests are welcome on the course any time except for the short reserved periods on Sunday mornings when there is a club competition. You can bring your dog with you as long as you keep it under good control at all times. The clubroom has a coffee machine and snacks available - you will have been given the current access code when you joined, otherwise ask any member you see on the course.

Of course you are under no obligation to play competitively - if you just want to join up for some social golf (and a good walk) then that is typical of many of our long-standing golfers. There is generally a chance of a bacon buttie and a 9-hole casual round on Saturday mornings all through the summer. Please check our Guidelines for Visitors page for more information on the best way to take care of the course.

Getting started with a golf handicap

The handicapping system in golf is designed to make individual matches roughly even and give everyone the same chance of winning strokeplay competitions. If you are a new golfer to the club, all you need to do to get your first handicap awarded is to play 3 complete rounds, recording the scores on each hole, and have your partner (who must be a club member) sign the card. Mark it ‘for handicap’ and drop it in the box in the clubhouse.

You can make up the required 54 holes with any combination of 9 or 18-hole rounds. It is fine to play in the Sunday morning competitions - check the sign-up sheet to find a group you can join up with to make a 3-ball. There is no need to pay the competition entry fee if you do this. You won’t be listed in the results but the card will count for handicap.

Golfers who already have a handicap at another club simply need to let the handicap secretary know the club they are coming from, and if they want to nominate ACGC as their home course. All their current details will be automatically transferred.

Keeping your competition status

A new handicap allows you to compete in any club competition or knockout match straight away. To keep the ‘competition’ status you need to play in at least 3 qualifying competitions each year, or enter some extra cards (outside qualifying competititions) as ‘supplementary scores’ during the year. If you don’t do this your competition status lapses and you will need 3 fresh cards to get back on track.

How handicaps get adjusted

Every time you play in a qualifying competition (nearly all the summer Sunday competitions count) or enter a supplementary score your handicap is adjusted up or down by a small amount depending if you score above or below the target score for the course on the day. The adjustment is shown on the results sheet and you can follow your progress using the ‘My Golf’ tab on the website. The exact way this is done varies for different levels of golfer, and the whole system is due for a major revision in 2020 anyway, so it is not worth getting too bothered about the details! If you play a couple of rounds that are either exceptionally good or particularly bad, then the handicap secretary has the option of applying a one-off adjustment to get you back to what seems fair.


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