Green fees for visitors

  All Day
Adults £12.50
(aged 14 and under)

Reduced rates for Guests

  All day
Signed in by a member
(3 guests per member)
Parent of current student
of Ampleforth College
or St Martins

How to pay

Please put cash or a cheque in the envelope provided, take a bag tag and note the number on the envelope. Then simply post it in the Honesty Box to the left of the desk and attach the tag to your golf bag where it is clearly visible. Greenkeeping staff will note the tag numbers so we can match them up with the sheets.

Membership options – fees from 1st April 2017

  To 31/3/18
Full member (aged 25 and over) £300 (£25 per month)
Joint membership £450 (£37.50 per month)
Country member (over 25 miles) £225 (£18.75 per month)
Country member – joint £338 (£28.17 per month)
Junior (aged under 18) £77 (£6.42 per month)
Intermediate (aged 18–24) £132 (£11 per month)
Parents and Old Amplefordians (Country) £164 (£13.67 per month)
Parents and Old Amplefordians (Joint Country) £219 (£18.25 per month)

We do not charge entrance fees. Country members may play in all our competitions as long as they have a current handicap; you do not have to be a member of another club to join us as a country member. Concessionary rates apply to College staff who are currently members; new staff please contact Estates (Ben Lefevre) for membership information. All memberships run to the end of the membership year on 31st March. You can download an Application Form from here.

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