“Pavilion” – playing the 6th hole

On the 6th, it is generally best to lay up well short before the slope steepens up. Wait for the game in front to ring the bell, or walk forward and check it is clear. The little bunker to the left of the green will pull in anything short and even a whisker left, so aim mid-green.

The 250 arc from the 15th will tempt many players to go for the green, but anything left will get caught in the hay on the bank, and anything right will be dragged down by the hawthorn thicket, so there is a high chance of a lost ball. If you want to have a shot at the green, do check it has cleared, and hit a provisional ball to the fairway to spare yourself a long walk back up the hill.

Plan of 6th and 15th holes sponsored
by Calverts Carpets